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The most beneficial meditation is also the most easily learned, the most enjoyable – and the most ancient.

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A review of some of the commonest reasons why people postpone learning Transcendental Meditation


If you own a car with eight cylinders, is there any good reason to keep it firing on only four?

There is. You didn’t know the other four were there.

Lack of appreciation of our unrealized potential - those hidden cylinders - is one of the commonest reasons why people ask: "Why bother to learn Transcendental Meditation?"

I frequently hear: "My wife needs Transcendental Meditation but I don't!" To which I am tempted to retort: "Congratulations! You must be a fully realised man!".

You see, there is really not much difference between being "one degree under" and failing to realise one's full potential. People who are stressed and unhappy become happy and less stressed when they learn Transcendental Meditation. And people who are creative and happy become more creative and even happier.

It does not matter where one starts from, Transcendental Meditation provides an opportunity for full creative potential to express itself. Lack of that opportunity is the seed of discontent in life. And because that lack is the absence of something, the cause remains hidden, unrecognised. There remains a vague feeling of unfulfilment that sprouts in frustration at work and grows into general dissatisfaction and negativity, overshadowing even the soothing love of family and friends. It is at the root of life lived in the "quiet desperation" coined by Henry Thoreau.

Here’s an unusual choice of quotatation that describes our vague awareness that something is missing from life while we try vainly to identify it. It is the first words of Barry Humphries’ autobiography “More Please” (Viking 1992):

“I always wanted more. I never had enough milk or money or socks or sex or holidays or first editions or solitude or gramophone records or free meals or real friends or guiltless pleasure or neckties or applause or unquestioning love or persimmons. Of course, I have had more than my share of most of these commodities but it always left me with a vague feeling of unfulfilment: where was the rest?” (Dame Edna’s italics).

More, please .. When Maharishi taught that the natural tendency of the mind - and of life - is towards more and more, he was referring to the natural tendency of the mind to find fulfilment in the transcendent - the basic constituent of life - through Transcendental Meditation.

The Vedic tradition, from which Transcendental Meditation comes, gives this simple, fundamental formula for a fulfilling life: "Established in the transcendent, perform action". Transcending is the priority. Without the support of the transcendent, fulfilment is never complete. There is always something lacking. And it's not just persimmons.

In our age, direct experience of the transcendent has once again become readily available to everyone. The discontent and suffering that we see all around us is real but, as Maharishi used to say, "It is not necessary".

Is there any reason not to make use of this hidden resource? 

First, satisfy yourself that the benefits of Transcendental Meditation are real: click on What Are the Benefits? also What Does the Research Show?

Secondly, satisfy yourself that Transcendental Meditation is unique and fundamentally different from all other methods of meditation - click on Aren't All Meditations the Same? and Latest News.

Here’s my criterion for meditation techniques: “If it isn’t effortless it isn’t natural. If it isn’t natural, what good can it do you?” You are welcome to appraise other techniques in the light of this criterion.

To find out more about Transcendental Meditation and for an opportunity to put questions to a qualified teacher, attend a free Introductory Talk - see Home Page for forthcoming dates. You will need the information given at the talk in order to proceed to personal instruction in Transcendental Meditation.

If you decide to learn, go ahead and don't delay. Prevarication is another common reason why people postpone learning. Some never get round to it. Whatever you think you need to do before you learn - installing a new kitchen, getting a promotion at work, mending your motor bike - it will go better once you have started Transcendental Meditation. You don't have to clear your mind before you learn. Transcendental Meditation does that for you. Before you start.

To paraphrase Maharishi's master, Guru Dev: "Whatever may have happened to you up to now may be because you didn’t know. But now you know enough to begin living life to the full. You should never consider yourself to be a weak or fallen creature. After millions of years of evolution you have been given a human nervous system and every second of your life is very valuable. Make full use of it. If you do not, you will have sold a diamond for the price of spinach".

John Windsor

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